SafeSheath® Ultra Micro Hemostatic Peel-away Introducer System for Micro Vascular Access





The SafeSheath Ultra family of introducers combines a tear-away sheath and hemostatic valve to reduce back bleeding and the possibility of air embolism.

The new SafeSheath Ultra Micro is specially designed to improve safety during lead delivery. Utilizing a 21G needle and 0.018” guidewire, the SafeSheath Ultra Micro introducer is designed for micro venous access. Its smaller dilator tip enables a smooth transition to the micro guidewire, while the longer low profile sheath tip facilitates lower insertion forces. The Micro’s 7 French, 13cm long sheath provides access into the subclavian vein in the standard manner.

The easy splitting, break-away hub greatly simplifies sheath removal after lead or catheter placement. The extruded score line construction ensures a clean, even peel every time. A new locking dilator connector assures a firm attachment to the sheath.

The design of the low profile luer activated side port reduces interference with other devices, providing a convenient means of aspirating and flushing the introducer, as well contrast and fluid administration.

Finally, the silicone oil-free construction means the Ultra will not affect the sensing and pacing characteristics of today’s pacemaker leads.

The SafeSheath® Ultra Micro is designed specifically for micro venous access and lead delivery, the 21G needle, 0.018” guidewire, and smaller dilator tip reduces the risk of pneumothorax, while the longer, low profile sheath tip facilitates lower insertion forces.




Hub Color


Dilator Length


7.0 French




Guidewire for SafeSheath Ultra Micro is 50cm long with O.D of .018"

Each SafeSheath Ultra Micro Introducer System kit includes:

One tear-away sheath w/side port

One dilator

One 21g needle

One 10cc syringe

One 50cm mandrel guidewire

Five (5) kits per box

Transvalvular Insertion Tool (TVI)



Small diameter dilator tip provides smooth transition to micro guidewire

Longer low profile sheath tip enables lower insertion force

A 21 gauge micro needle for venous puncture

Extruded score line peel-away sheath for clean, even peeling during removal

Ergonomic, easy-splitting break-away hub

Hemostatic valve with low insertion and withdrawal forces permits multiple lead insertions without further interventions

Low profile luer activated side port for infusion and contrast injection

Silicone oil-free construction won’t interfere with the sensing and pacing characteristics of current pacemaker leads

French size printed on handle and indicated by color-coded introducer cap

Positive locking dilator connector

Reduced risk of blood loss and air embolism

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